On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 10:14 PM, Michael Robinson
<plu...@robinson-west.com> wrote:
> So yes, if I can run hxrt on top of freedos and come up with some sort
> of packet driver for the PCI Realtek network card...  that will be legal
> and I won't have to worry about how many computers I'm setting
> up to play Warcraft II.

No idea if Warcraft II actually runs under HX. It may not, and that
wouldn't be a huge shock. Sad but true. Go back to Warcraft 1 (or
similar game, search Gog.com), which actually ran on real DOS.

But as far as Realtek goes, here's two packet drivers, not sure which
one you need (or other), but give 'em a try:


Honestly, though, I'm not too savvy with Wattcp, you may have to "set
WATTCP=wattcp.cfg" and change it to "my_ip = dhcp" or such. (mTCP is
easier to use, IMHO, but that's separate from HX.)

But thinking of all the crap that Windows games need, it's unlike to
work (well, if at all) under HXGUI, even if you did manage to find all
the proprietary .DLLs you need.

Not trying to smash your dreams, just saying, almost nobody ever had
the foresight with such old games to make them portable.

> A 98 clone or ReactOS stabilized is definitely needed for these old
> games.  DOS is a good choice on aging computers where anything that
> operates at speeds below a gigaherz is an antique already, except for
> embedded processors.

I am against abandoning or throwing out "working" hardware just
because it's not the latest fad anymore. But most people want to chase
newer tech than support older stuff. If it's "old", it's automatically
"bad", but "new" is somehow "perfect" (but only for a few months!).

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