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> From: Rugxulo

>> FDISK creates at least one partition (primary, active, FAT, presumably
>> bootable) for DOS. (This is written into the partition table, ...

> OK.  If it damages the table in the process, there will be
> a problem accessing data on parts 2, 3 or 4.  Exactly what
> I wish to avoid.

Why do you think a partitioning tool would "damage" a table? No FDISK I've 
ever used will ignore existing partitions. To alter existing partitions 
requires you to direct it delete first, then create anew. To create new from 
freespace does not require it do anything to what's already there.

The only catch is if existing was created out of conformance with ancient CHS 
or standard CHS-based LBA conventions like some Linux tools do, it may refuse 
to do anything at all other than delete, and _possibly_ may disregard what it 
finds, but it won't proceed without you telling it what you want it to do. If 
it fails to find what you know is there, you select exit instead of risking 
damage. Redhat's Disk Druid had a reputation for convention disregard.

The installer will install to existing without need to change any table 
entries with FDISK, so you're safe to complete partitioning with any tool 
that suits you prior to beginning installation, as long as that tool conforms 
to common conventions.
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