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>> From: dmccunney [mailto:dennis.mccun...@gmail.com]
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>> > I thought WinME removed the real mode bootup, hence lower
>> compatibility?
>> Don't have it and haven't used it, so don't know.  Everything I've
>> heard indicates it should have been called Win98 Third Edition. I'm
>> pretty sure there was still DOS underneath like in ME.  Removing the
>> real mode loader didn't occur till NT.
> Win NT4 significantly pre-dated Win 98; it came out in about '96.  Many 
> people feel WinME was one of the worst pieces of software ever written, while 
> 98SE was very good.  Win2k was the best, IMO.

I ran NT4 back then, but as a server OS in a computer room.  It was
not an end-user product.  It took Win2K for sufficient compatibility
(like the ability to use FAT32) to make it a usable end user OS.

98SE was certainly an improvement over prior Win9X releases.  I ran it
longer than I really wanted because I was waiting for drivers for
peripherals I used to arrive.  When I finally had them all, I switched
to 2K in a heartbeat.   Despite my best efforts, 98SE reached the
point where I was rebooting multiple times per day to be able to get
things done.  Win2K just ran, and got rebooted only if I installed
software that required it or I was fiddling with hardware.

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