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> >>>Developers are fairly close-minded. They don't usually 
> target anybody
> outside of the big three, which usually means POSIX + Windows. And
> these days they get more kicks out of having ten bazillion ports to
> Linux (IA-32 or x64) than others.
> This is because they are mostly constrained by the companies 
> they work. Time is limited so using stuff that everyone does 
> to create their  programs speeds up implementation time (maybe).
> If you leave a developer free (I prefer the word "programmer" 
> instead), I would bet he would have gone towards the simplest 
> way to solve his problem, unless he has not got any knowledge 
> about the hardware.
> Thinking about real hardware no one could expect better 
> performance from the huge libraries. Yes, using these speeds 
> up your work (or you get much more time searching and finding 
> what they do to use them), but what about performance?
> Simple is rugged, reliable and bugs can be easily corrected. 
> Although simple is sometimes a pain in the @$$ to write, like 
> assembler based software.

Indeed; Simple != Easy.

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