Hi all,

This morning I released a new version of the FreeDOS Network Package 
manager (aka FDNPKG). The current version of FDNPKG is now 0.92.

  - [fix] fixed a bug in handling the tmp index in hardcoded c:\temp 
instead of relying on %TEMP% (thanks to Rugxulo and Bernd Blaauw for 
reporting this!),
  - [fix] configured new official FreeDOS v1.1 repositories in the 
default configuration file,
  - [new] FDNPKG checks for the presence of an APPINFO file prior to 
installing the package (thanks to sparky4 for the suggestion),
  - [new] added the install-nosrc action allowing to install packages 
without their sources,
  - [new] implemented a local package database cache to speed up 
searching through packages,
  - [new] silently skipping the packages/pkgname.lst file, if present in 
the packages (because FDNPKG computes its own one).

FDNPKG v0.92 is available for download here:


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