I just downloaded defrag.exe, a Freedos 32bit defrag program for DOS.  
Unfortunately, I received the immediate notice in RED that it will not 
run under windows, a reasonable declaration. Unfortunately, neither of 
the two computers that I ran defrag on was running Windows:

1) On computer #1, Windows was on the computer, but it was not executed, 
as I run DOS (7.0 for 32 bit file system).  All programs are run in true 
DOS, not DOS under Windows.

2) Computer #2 boots into either DOS (7.0) and 4DOS or Linux (Suse 
8.x).  Since it only has 48 MB RAM, I don't use Suse on this computer.

Q: How is defrag deciding that it is running under Windows (when it 
really is not)?

John Sowden

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