> I wish to use an external usb hard drive for backup purposes.

OK, but with my current drivers it will probably be very slow.  You may want to 
try some other drivers if you care about speed (at least for now).

> While the driver loads, and seems? to find the device, I cannot
> well understand the file created explaining just where the drive
> is.

After the drive seems to load, do a "USBDRIVE S" and see what it says.  If 
nothing shows up, we can do some more advanced troubleshooting.

> My thought? was that the drive would simply appear as an extra
> drive letter, allowing me to reformat it, something needful.

That's basically what should happen, but it depends on how the drive is 
formatted.  It can have multiple partitions (just like a regular hard drive), 
so could show up as multiple drive letters.  Depending on which version of DOS 
you're using and how the drive is formatted, it may not show up correctly 
either (e.g., if you're using MS-DOS 6.2, which doesn't support FAT32, and the 
partition(s) are formatted as FAT32, they won't show up).  And, of course, 
there are some disks that USBDRIVE just doesn't like for one reason or another.

Yous can also use partitioning tools, like FDISK, on the USB disks if you want.

> Thoughts on how the usb driver will present an external hard
> drive?

The program can't tell the difference between a flash drive and a hard drive, 
so it should look just like a flash drive (assuming you use those).

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