I released a few minutes ago a new version of Gopherus. It's a small, 
mostly bug-fix release.

Gopherus v1.0a [30 Mar 2013]:
  - [fix] When refreshing a location, the display properties (position 
of the file on screen) are reset as well now. This prevents corrupt 
rendering if the file changes between refreshes,
  - [fix] Fixed a bug leading to random crashes when the URL inside a 
menu was longer than 128 bytes,
  - [new] F9 (save) works from within text content locations (not only 
from menus),
  - [new] Added configurable color schemes, via the GOPHERUSCOLOR 
environment variable (see the manual for details).

Gopherus is available for download at the usual places:



On 03/10/2013 07:30 PM, Mateusz Viste wrote:
> Hi all,
> Wanna browse the Gopherspace today from within FreeDOS? Read on! :)
> I released today a gopher client called "Gopherus". It is a console-mode
> gopher client. Although primarily targeted for DOS, I made some
> additional effort to provide Linux and Windows ports as well.
> Don't know what gopher is? Well, it's like the web, but text-oriented
> (and it actually predates http).
> Gopherus uses the WatTCP stack for networking, and requires at least
> 4MiB of RAM for its caching needs.
> The gopher page of Gopherus is right here:
>    gopher://gopher.viste-family.net/1/projects/gopherus/
> I made also a quick http website:
>    http://www.viste-family.net/mateusz/software/gopherus/
> For those who use FDNPKG, you can also install Gopherus right from
> FreeDOS online repositories:
>    fdnpkg install gopherus
> cheers,
> Mateusz Viste

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