Minor ranting ahead, caveat lector!   :-)

On Sat, May 4, 2013 at 11:43 AM, Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste-family.net> wrote:
> This doesn't have much in common with FreeDOS, however, I know there is
> plenty of retro-passionate people around, so this might be interesting
> to some.

In fairness, just by sticking around long enough, anything can be
retro. (And yes, even fairly young pups can be retro-enthused, too.
Despite what some say, good is still good, even years later.)

> Today I published a remake of the old 1990 Atomix game for DOS (that's
> one of the games I spent entire nights on in my youth). It does not run
> on DOS - only Linux & Windows (and should build on any modern platform
> where SDL is available).

Yes, apparently you use SDL (1.2, I presume?) for "modern" platforms,
so DOS is out. Though I halfway (naively) wonder why you didn't
instead use Allegro 4.x or something that does work natively on DOS
(and others).

(BTW, just vaguely curious, why Linux IA-32 and x64 but only Win32 and
no Win64? LLP64 incompatibility bite you? So much for portability!)

Honestly, I really wish there was SDL for DOS. They brag about so many
supported OSes on their official site but have never had a DOS port at
all. Well, it seems to suffer from the same as everyone else,
basically "portable as long as you're *nix [preferably Linux] or
Windows" with third party ports on the side by accident. (SDL 2.0 will
be even less portable than now, but adds a lot of stuff for "more
modern" platforms.)

> I tried to recreate as closely as possible the 'look and feel' of the
> original. I used all graphics from the original (with the specific
> authorization of Atomix copyright holders for usage in my project). The
> source code of Atomiks is GPL. Graphics and design are not, obviously.

Yes, I've noticed you're in love with GPLv3 (such a long text!) and
are very prolific these days. Always impressive stuff. Though my
perception of you, for whatever reason, was always of BASIC and
Pascal, not C. I'm not sure why you prefer C these days, there are
apparently SDL bindings to other languages. You're not wrong to use
it, but I just find it oddly arbitrary how most people choose their
programming languages / dialects.

> I'm sorry if you feel this is spamming.
> http://www.viste-family.net/mateusz/software/atomiks/

Hardly spamming, though I guess since it doesn't run atop DOS ... or
does it?? Actually, I was running (for laughs) Wolf4SDL under HX (HXRT
+ HXGUI) years ago with MSVCRT.DLL, so I figured there was a chance
this might work under DOS as well. (And here I'm using ReactOS's
MSVCRT.DLL clone, which is at least free/libre.) Yes, maybe I
should've mentioned this before all my other ranting, but "it does
work!" (at least through level one)!  (I just blindly did "set
HDPMI=32" and "set DPMILDR=136" before "dpmild32 -g atomiks.exe" with
DOSLFN loaded, IIRC.) No sound, of course, but even trying on Win64,
it seems oddly silent. (Not that I mind, honestly.)

P.S. I've never played this game before. Only briefly seen bits about
it. Yeah, there was that third-party version for Jaguar. I remember
downloading it (but never playing) years ago, but my capacity for
keeping involved in Jag stuff faded several years ago (circa 2005) for
unknown reasons (increasing obsession with PC, I suppose). In fact,
the only game I ever (yes, legally) downloaded (and burned to CD, now
that the Jag's encryption has been publicized) for that and actually
played (once or twice) was the long-lost-but-found demo of Black Ice:
White Noise. Perhaps this game was too obscure / confusing for me
(probably). Maybe I should plug ye olde Jag in again, it's still
sitting in the corner gathering dust. (Actually, new modern bullcrap
tv is annoying, so that may prove frustrating to a hardware noob like
me. Ugh.) Either way, this PC port seems like a nice alternative.

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