> - FreeDOS (NO mouse, NO cdrom, etc...)
> - MS Client to map network drive (memory hog!).
> - to have at least 500+ KB free mem to run old Clipper/dBase program.

A complicated combination. Have you considered either:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harbour_compiler recompiling your
Clipper program with Harbour, xHarbour or (non-free) Flagship?

Or alternatively:

Run your program in Dosemu (Linux) where you can turn any Linux
directory into a DOS drive letter, including directories coming
from any Windows network drive to your Linux, without MS Client?

Similar things should also be possible with Dosbox in Windows.

> With your advices I have managed to get 540KB. That would be all I need
> ... [but] ... old Clipper/dBase program does not start and gives no error.

Your configuration uses UMB space a lot. When you do not load
MS Client or Clipper, possibly UMB-incompatible areas could be
used less. So maybe your problem is not REALLY with Clipper:

Maybe your UMB are always partially unusable, but you just do
not notice the problem until Clipper sends MS Client requests.

> fdconfig.sys:
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3403127/dosbox/fdconfig.sys

> autoexec.bat:
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3403127/dosbox/autoexec.bat

Which configuration shows which properties?

command.com loaded via SHELLHIGH

See below about shellhigh. It seems very risky
to me to so aggressively include UMB spaces on
a modern computer, even including graphics RAM
areas. Several UMB areas could overlap buffers
used by your BIOS or (USB, net, disk) hardware.

2. similar but HIMEM (without options!) and
command.com loaded via SHELLHIGH

I personally would not use SHELLHIGH for FreeDOS
command.com, because it uses very little DOS RAM
and already puts most data in XMS. The stress for
UMB (SHELLHIGH is  "heavy") IMHO is not worth it.

3. DOS=HIGH and only XMGR loaded for XMS and HMA
4dos used instead of command.com

A lightweight way of using little RAM for memory
drivers themselves, but of course also has 0 UMB.

4. no memory drivers, just command.com

This is probably there for testing and as fallback?

You always load DEVICEHIGH=c:\net\ifshlp.sys and I am
not sure whether that is always required for MS Client.

You do IF "%config%"=="2" LH SHARE but why only for 2.?

LH C:\NET\net initialize
LH C:\NET\umb.com
LH C:\NET\tcptsr.exe
LH C:\NET\tinyrfc.exe
LH C:\NET\nmtsr.exe
LH C:\NET\net start

Interesting combination, can you tail which of them does
what and which of them takes how much RAM? Note that if
a driver does not stay in RAM anyway, it is probably good
to not use LH to load it either. This maybe affects "net"?

Regards, Eric

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