Hello FreeDOS users,
around year ago I started post "FreeDOS with MS Client - mem optimization" 
(10.06.2013 20:12).

I was looking there for a way to optimize FreeDOS memory with MS Client for 
network share installed in.
Basically I need:
- FreeDOS (NO mouse, NO cdrom, etc...)
- MS Client to map network drive (memory hog!).
- to have at least 500+ KB free mem to run old Clipper/dBase program.

With your advices I have managed to get 540KB. That would be all I need...
However, with this memory optimalization, old Clipper/dBase program does not 
start and gives no error.
NOTE: with no MS Client and without this mem optimalization it run smoothly.
I am out of ideas what else to do.
Maybe someone of you looking at my fdconfig.sys and autoexec.bat can give some 
hints ?

It helped me a lot parameter for jemmex.exe: I=
What I understand it reserve some areas in upper memory and in this way extends 
conventional memory (?)
Not much understanding of that though :/
I use config option 1.
It might be important that (at least for tests) I use FreeDOS inside VirtualBox 
as a guest OS.




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