I'm glad you figured this out!

I wasn't aware of the "-net user" parameter, always used qemu the 'hard' 
way, by wiring the whole beast myself :)
it's quite nice, looks like Qemu provides the same level of 
user-friendliness than virtualbox now, by hiding all the complex 
networking from the user, and providing some minimalistic embedded 
dhcp/dns/routing/nat capabilities. Thanks for sharing this easy solution.

Btw, I see you use '&' to daemonize the qemu process, it might be 
'cleaner' to use the '-daemonize' parameter instead (at least then qemu 
knows that it has to detach itself, not sure if it makes any difference 
in real life, though).

Nonetheless, I still believe you will want to switch over to DOSemu at 
some point - my experience with FreeDOS + Qemu hasn't been great.. Poor 
performances, and erratic behavior of the keyboard (key presses that get 
repeated without reasons, caps lock that get stuck in one position, 
cursors not working in some CLI applications...). Definitely not useable 
for any work. But YMMV of course.


On 06/20/2013 09:07 PM, sakura kinomoto wrote:
> Monsieur Mateusz Viste, thank you for link! Near it, I find:
> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/QEMU/Networking:
> "
> The following two command lines are equivalent:
> qemu ... &
> qemu ... -net nic -net user &
> "
> I just forgot to use "-net user" parametre
> Now I have network works....
> (and gpxe was find network, because I was run it in qemu without parametres = 
> with parametre  "-net nic -net user".....
> Thank you vey much! ^^

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