Casually peeking at Freecom source, branch MAIN, init.c v 1.31, 

Freecom's  rev 1.31 (Excerpt, from Sourceforge CVS, w/ line numbers) 
437       env_resizeCtrl |= ENV_USEUMB | ENV_ALLOWMOVE | ENV_LASTFIT;
438       if(forceLow)
439               env_resizeCtrl &= ~ENV_USEUMB;
440       if(newEnvSize > 16 && newEnvSize < 32767)
441         env_setsize(0, newEnvSize);

et caetera, etc...

I'm not an expert in C, not even close to a novice... 

With this duly noted, it appears it won't be hard for you Freecom
code contributors / revewers (is this not you, Tom E.?) to edit the above
module and possibly a handful of dependencies so that FreeCOM eventually
will request the environment block using "Firstfit" instead of "Lastfit" 
strategy, at least when allocating from low memory. I don't care as much 
if it uses "lastfit" when the request is effectively UMBs only, although 
I'm not sure what is to be gained by using 'lastfit' even in upper memory. 

Hoping someone will take the challenge,

w/ respect


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