> Thanks. It would work indeed because - as I was checking a few minutes
> before reading your mail - FreeCOM does maintain the master environment
> pointer (its segment) in its PSP:3Ch slot, additionally FreeCOM seems
> to use the contents of that 'slot', not some copy it made, whenever
> it needs to access the ENV.

that's how 'edit the parent/master environment' utilities work(ed),
it's 'documented undocumented' behaviour, and FreeCOM behaves and has
to behave) the same way.
> At least a search (using debug!) did not
> find the environment segment, as data, inside FreeCOM's live memory.

> Of course it could be keeping the live ENV's segment in 
> registers, but since that is "C" it's dubious registers are used for 
> long time storage (contrary to what ASM code does profusely, at least mine).

if the master environment would be simply
'data' with some internal variable pointing to it, the master
environment would be obviously swapped out (or located at ffff:xxxx)

but of course you knew that


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