Rugxulo <> on Thu, 15 Aug 2013 09:23:18 -0500:
> Some languages even support coroutines (or green threads) out of
> the box, e.g. Modula-2, Lua, Ruby 1.8, etc. Other languages have
> simple bindings (or equivalent functionality), e.g. DX-Forth has
> MULTI.SCR for (very) simple swapping between routines.

This is from the Euphoria docs:

    "Euphoria allows you to set up multiple, independent tasks.
    Each task has its own current statement that it is
    executing, its own call stack, and its own set of private
    variables. Tasks run in parallel with each other. That is,
    before any given task completes its work, other tasks can be
    given a chance to execute. Euphoria's task scheduler decides
    which task should be active at any given time. [..]

    Euphoria supports two types of tasks: real-time tasks, and
    time-share tasks.

    Real-time tasks are scheduled at intervals, specified by a
    number of seconds or fractions of a second. You might
    schedule one real-time task to be activated every 3 seconds,
    while another is activated every 0.1 seconds. [..]

    Time-share tasks need a share of the CPU but they needn't be
    rigidly scheduled according to any clock. [..]

    It's possible to reschedule a task at any time, changing its
    timing or its slice of the CPU. You can even convert a task
    from one type to the other dynamically."


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