Re: Rugxulo's FreeDOS front-page comment about "Another week, another
UIDE update", I want to assure people that, despite now being age 68,
I am NOT "losing my mind"!

The 20-Aug-13 update was to provide "CD/DVD kiosk" users in Hong Kong
(and elsewhere) a way to cache CD/DVD data without loading the entire
4.5K UIDE driver.   My "partner" Johnson Lam asked for this, so I did
it.   But, I was UNHAPPY with the size of UCACHE2, and so --

The 26-Aug-13 update makes UHDD able to run "private caches", with NO
separate caching driver required.   UHDD still has its "common" cache
for old drivers, and it may now be called by the updated UDVD2 and by
other updated "user" drivers (if any!) that desire "private caching".

The 2-Sep-13 update fixed a "possible" media-change problem in UDVD2.
I say "possible" because UDVD2 ran fine, but its logic did not appear
correct.   So I upgraded it, to stay "safe".   Safety MATTERS, to me!

The 9-Sep-13 update fixed more "possible but unlikely" errors in UHDD
re: resetting its user parameter-table pointer.   The reset cannot be
done if UHDD rejects an I-O request because another is still running.
If the running request LOSES its cache parameters, a CRASH may occur!
Also, the reset should not be done for BIOS requests that UHDD is not
going to handle.   I am unsure all old DOS versions have media-change
logic for a HARD-disk flagged as "removable", i.e. a USB disk.    So,
UHDD/UIDE are written to stay "safe" and IGNORE any such disks!

I have never heard of any cases where multiple I-O requests have been
issued to UHDD/UIDE.   DOS uses a "one at a time" I-O scheme, as most
developers know.   Nor have I heard of many cases where an "odd" BIOS
disk gets ignored by my drivers.   But to remain "safe", I fixed both
cases in UHDD, and I apologize for not having realized all this while
adding UHDD's "private cache" capability.   I get "bugs", too.

Finally, though we are years away from a "Super Blu-Ray" CD/DVD drive
requiring 32 LBA bits (8 Terabytes), UDVD2/UIDE using only 30 bits in
caching was "a problem waiting to happen"!   The problem has now been
corrected in both drivers.

Those are my REASONS behind the 4 recent UHDD/UDVD2/UIDE updates, and
everyone can rest assured that I am NOT "losing my mind"!

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