Thank you for the heads up on fdupdate.  I have a Linux from scratch  
system that is Pentium III compatible, but that particular system  
doesn't have X.  I suppose I can get the files for freedos onto my  
network somehow and
then use LFS NFS root to get them onto the Pentium III where freedos  
can reach them.  For that matter, I should
be able to download the updates using Windows 2000.  If only I had  
access to burnable cdrom media at the moment...

Not being able to network freedos is advantageous sometimes, but when  
it comes to updating it is a real nuisance.
I hate having to work around problems like this.  I think syllable has  
a dos emulator...  Syllable desktop tends
to be lighter weight than Linux.  Too bad Syllable desktop is still in  
Alpha.  ReactOS is still in alpha as well.

ReactOS could be the replacement for Windows where some dos/Windows  
games may be able to run at some point in ReactOS, maybe.  Sadly,  
ReactOS hasn't even reached the 0.4 stage yet and development seems to  
be slowing down.

Syllable despite being in alpha is an awesome OS, but without word  
processing and due to the fact that webster is a very limited web  
browser, Syllable is not a very useful system yet.  Syllable is by far  
more stable than ReactOS.

On old computers, having to worry about Windows and/or Dos licenses is  
a real nuisance.

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