> I really wish there was a 16 bit port of fdnpkg!
> but it is quite difficult to port it over....

I have tried porting an older version of FDNPKG to Open Watcom in the  
past. My changes became obsolete once a newer one (0.95, I think) was  
released, so I deleted them. (Modifying the makefile was quite simple, by  
the way.)

The biggest problem, I think, was that FDNPKG assumes 32-bit ints and  
"#define int long" obviously wouldn't work because some #included headers  
(for example Open Watcom's stdio.h) declare variables as "long int", which  
would then become "long long" and mess everything up.

Mateusz also wasn't very enthusiastic about it - he told me that FDNPKG  
relies quite heavily on having a large non-segmented address space  
(probably for ZIP decompression) and that porting it to real mode would  
make the code a mess.

So, to update FreeDOS installations on your pre-80386 machines, you can  
use my own FreeDOS offline updater -  
http://matejhorvat.si/en/freedos/fdoffupd/ - it's a bit of a kludge, but  
it's better than having to download all the updates manually.

Matej Horvat

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