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> I really wish there was a 16 bit port of fdnpkg!
> but it is quite difficult to port it over....

These are just .ZIPs with a special layout, so it's not like you can't
manually install them. Besides, most DOS programs don't have lots of
dependencies, so it's much less critical.

> I also wish the developers of Free Open Source Software for DOS would at
> least make a FreeDOS package of their stuff and put it in the repository!!

Such as what exactly? If you have a specific request or two, feel free
to ask (but don't get your hopes up, most people are too busy or
indifferent, sadly).

I'm the worst at focusing on a specific task, but admittedly, you
can't do everything at once, you have to narrow your view for a bit,
just to keep things simpler and manageable. So it's unlikely that
"everything" (BASE, NET, UTIL) will all be updated at once. But little
by little ....

> Speaking of which i want to update a bunch of the packages in the
> repository!

Talk to Mateusz. Or tell me specifically which ones are outdated and
need replacing, and I'll update them on iBiblio for you / us. Anybody
else wanting to directly help should probably email Jim Hall


(Just for example, /devel/djgpp-obj.zip is ObjC, but it's GCC 4.7.1,
after their transition to using G++, and honestly I don't think it
works at all. But I chickened out and didn't email Mateusz recently.
Maybe now's a good time to mention it, but I don't really know ObjC,
and the examples I tested were minimal. Andris of DJGPP didn't seem to
know either.)

> also DOSFSCK for DOS port is quite outdated...
> Just to let you know...

Dunno, in the few times I used it, it worked okay. What specifically
does it not do? What is latest / better?

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