Johnson Lam has posted a new 12-Dec-2013 DRIVERS.ZIP update in
his "dropbox" at:


UIDE now offers a separate CD/DVD cache, with a /C switch, for
users with an "old" CD drive requiring limited seeks, to avoid
tracking errors and low speed.   UIDE still offers user-driver
caching (though nobody uses it!), now with a more positive way
of "finding" UIDE and linking to it for caching calls.

The UHDD and UDVD2 drivers are both gone.   Users did not want
UHDD for PCs with no IDE CDs/DVDs, or UDVD2 for kiosks or boot
diskettes.   Many go on "using the BIOS" for disks.   And they
go on using VIDE-CDD or OAKCDROM for CDs/DVDs, despite no PCI-
bus support, no UltraDMA, nor any caching.   Pitiful.

But, who am I to argue more!   So, I decided to get RID of all
my dead-wood, and we are now back to "the one and only" UIDE.

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