Hi list,

I am hereby announcing the public release of a new version of the 
FreeDOS Network Package manager (FDNPKG): version 0.98.

This is mostly a bug fix release, with a few minor optimizations and 
added polish translations.

It is available for download on the FDNPKG website: 

It is also already on the FreeDOS online update repositories. For those 
of you who use FDNPKG, you can update it by running 'fdnpkg update'.

Below I paste the detailed changelog.

FDNPKG v0.98 [15 Dec 2013]
  - [new] removed the log message 'mkdir...' when installing packages,
  - [new] using compressed (gzip) index files for faster synch of 
repositories and better error detection,
  - [new] added polish translations,
  - [fix] fixed the download progress indicator for files bigger than 
21M (thanks to Nilquader for the bug report),
  - [fix] slightly improved the speed of loading the db from cache 
(avoiding sorting db entries twice),
  - [fix] fixed crashes on pre-pentium CPUs caused by Watt32 using 
pentium opcodes (thx to sparky4 for the bug report, and Juan Guerrero 
for the DJGPP-related Watt32 fix),
  - [fix] when a file is being downloaded, the 'Downloading...' string 
is properly localized now (if localization is available),
  - [fix] updated Slovenian translations (thanks to Matej Horvat for the 
translation work).


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