To compile FreeDOS MODE, you need the following:

upx (in any of your PATH directories)
nasm (same)
tcc (Turbo C 2.01, search in the Borland museum / ask Rugxulo)
make (also the old Borland version, I assume)

In theory, it is also possible to compile mode with OpenWatcom C,
using "wcl" instead of "tcc" by editing the makefile accordingly.
However, the makefile says that this has not been tested so far.

FreeDOS also has some other MAKE tools around. You could indeed
try GNU MAKE which comes with DJGPP. However, you cannot compile
MODE using the C compiler of DJGPP itself. You need a compiler
which can produce 16bit binaries, such as Turbo C or OpenWatcom.

Once you have all ingredients simply run "make" in the directory
where the source code is. You can even do without upx, if you
comment out that part of the makefile, but then you get larger
binaries in the end.

Regards, Eric

> as I am trying to get a working serial port emulation under DOSEMU I would
> like to use the freedos version of mode.com . I need to remove the if clause
> that checks whether the serial port number is invalid (<1 or >4) as I'd like
> to configure COM5. I found the code in mode.c and changed it but I don't
> know how to recompile. Makefile said something about nasm so I installed
> nasm on a virtual DOS machine and did "nasm makefile" but there were a few
> errors saying "error: label or instruction expected at start of line". Seems
> like these lines were comments.

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