On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 9:40 AM, James Crawford <jrc...@embarqmail.com> wrote:
> I have a Pentium 3 running Freedos alone.  I tried to load Win 3.1 and got
> the error :  Win 3.1 will not run in protected mode.  I understand that the
> command.com runs in protected mode.  Do I have to change this permanently to
> run Windows.  How do I get  Windows to work?

No, the shell (COMMAND.COM) runs in low RAM / real mode (optionally
compiled to use some XMS for swapping). Presumably this means it's
getting confused because you have EMM386 (V86 mode) loaded.

AFAIK, Win 3.x only works in "standard" (286) mode with FreeDOS due to
some undocumented methods that Windows used to access the DOS
internals. But Win 3.x fully works in DR-DOS, for example (and
allegedly faster than even MS-DOS). I don't know if those undocumented
features were ever publicized. Probably nobody here cared enough to
debug it fully. Later Win95 was for (bundled) MS-DOS only. I know some
people claimed that DOSBox (with its own different fake DOS) can run
Win 3.x too, but I guess it's unlikely you'll want to "install" a
different OS (but Kolibri is very very lean and maybe? boots off
FAT32) just for that emulator. It honestly might be easier to just
find an old copy of Win95 on eBay or wherever and use that instead.


The only technical document I know of about this is here, but I'm not
sure it'll directly help you:


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