Not sure if this helps, but DISPLAY CON=(EGA,,1) should
be sufficient for all your needs. For the font support,
EGA is pretty much the same as VGA and display only is
for loading custom fonts. If you do not plan to load a
non-BIOS font, you do not even need display at all. The
documentation of an older version says that VGA did set
a certain number of font sizes, while EGA autodetected
which font sizes exist (usually 8x8, 14 and 16 pixels).

Looking at the source, EGA meant autodetect, EGA 8 did
mean one font, LCD the same, EGA 14 two fonts, VGA did
mean three fonts and only CGA meant different hardware.

Note that newer VGA BIOS may miss 8x14 built-in fonts,
but you can load a custom DOS font instead. There also
are tools doing ONLY that, using less RAM than DISPLAY.

Regards, Eric

PS: Still happy easter to everybody :-)

>       display con=(vga,437,2)
> then I got error:
> FreeDOS DISPLAY ver. 0.13b
> Syntax error (006) Unknown hardware device name
> When I use 'ega' instead of 'vga', then all is fine. Thus, where is
> problem? In display-0.13b, or in DOSEMU, or in my HW, or elsewhere?

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