On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 7:24 PM, Ray Davison <ray...@charter.net> wrote:
> Ray Davison wrote:
>> Is it possible to load an exe file system driver in dconfig.sys?
>> I have a DOS HPFS driver that works OK, but I would like it to get a
>> drive letter before the DVDs.
>> What is available for reading NTFS used in WXP, W7?
> Let me explain the actual task.  I have FreeDOS and two each Win and
> OS/2.  Two each because they both change and I don't get rid of one OS
> or app until I believe the new is ready to replace the old.  I also
> maintain two copies of the GUI OSs for redundancy and maintenance.

Which DOS apps are you trying to run? Or what are you trying to run in DOS?

> So the first HDD has five boot partitions.  The first two partitions on
> the second HDD are apps and data.  I have apps with data that I share
> between OS/2 and Win, and DOS apps with data that I run under all three
> OSs.  Run objects point to apps and apps point to data.

I assume most of your raw data is platform agnostic. But perhaps it
relies on specific programs? Are they really encoding the installed
drive letter in binary data and not .ini / .cfg files? Presumably most
apps aren't that short-sighted. But in such a case, it may just
require separate installation, once on each drive.

> That means all OSs must at least see the same drive letters for the app
> and data partitions.  Win lets me play with drive letters and I do.
> OS/2 has the option, but for me there is a trade off and I don't use the
> option, but don't really need it.  I do have OS/2 and Win with NTFS and
> HPFS drivers to see each other.
> That leaves DOS.  It is not so much that I need DOS to work with NTFS or
> HPFS, I just need to get drive letters assigned prior to the apps and
> data partitions.

Check the help for Append, Assign, Subst, etc. But you seem savvy
enough to already be aware of things like that.


Outside of that, I don't know what to tell you. BTTR Software's
DrvExch was only vetted for MS and DR (due to non-portable
assumptions), so it probably doesn't work with FreeDOS. I wouldn't
recommend that (or any such alpha-quality foreign file system drivers)
without having proper backups first.


> As for the DVDs.  In OS/2 and Win I have them as X&Y.  If there is a way
> to get FreeDOS to assign the same letters I would appreciate a cookbook.

Presumably you need LASTDRIVE=Y (in CONFIG.SYS) and an appropriate
switch from SHSUCDX.


> I have a NTFS4DOS.EXE dated 8June2004 size 93.819 but have not had time
> to try it.

It just isn't well supported. The few developers who have the ability
probably don't have the time nor interest. I know it's dumb and not a
universal solution, but if you want xyz file system, just use xyz OS.
Sadly, there just isn't a lot of cross-OS pollination with developers,
only minimal efforts. A lot of that is exclusivity to attract
customers, but some of it is also patents and being undocumented (for
security?). It's a messy world.

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