Annual Inform:
To FreeDOS project:
Sorry, I don’t speak English.
Thanks a lot for your Operative System, programs and resources.  I’m totally 
convinced your project is very useful for humanity.  To preserve old source is 
sufficient for me, but in this letter I’m thinking in the future.
I’m programming LibreN3D for animations in FreeDOS-POVRay. It’s a lot of work.  
Maybe we have satisfactory videos in 2020.  This year I donate to POVRay 
library twenty 3D objects with HTML documentation, only eighteen of them are 
FreeDOS compatible with POVRay 3.1.  You will see in this temporary link 
with older objects and CAFE2011 also.  
In 2013, I accelerated 3D display of meshes (picture meshes with transparent 
color inclusive) for games with a lot of assembler 32bit code, and most in pure 
FreePascal.  Soon, I want to donate LGPL code of the general core.  LibreN3D 
will be terminated afterwards 2020, you will need a modeler still.  ¡Not in 
Panic! I recommend Moray3.5, and POVRay3.5 in Windows XP with Virtual Box.  I 
really want to help other 3D programmers, but source is obscure and 
documentation is poor; you can write me of course.  Patience, I’m planning CAFE 
version of core source without graphics, only virtual pages.  You will use, 
some intermediate for display.  But, it can be a bad idea, I don’t know.  
Sorry, I don’t have any competitive 3D free games for now, only commercial 
games for FreeDOS, Windows and MAC:  “Bloques Iniciales” and “Origamis 
Iniciales”.  I’m very interested in Linux, but I had a lot of problems to 
display graphics, text mode is O.K.
CAFE2011, my virtual LGPL spreadsheet is essentially the same this year.  I 
detected an ugly bug in older package, I’m terrible pained.  This year I will 
traduce CAFE2011 to Windows, Mac and Linux.
¿Why primitive sounds in FreeDOS, and *.mdi, *.flac, *.wav  in MAC and Windows? 
 I read in your letters, exists FreeDOS alternatives now, patience… 
Marie and Jesus bless you.
Rafael Angel Campos Vargas
RofoelCompos@hotmail.comOffice box. 964-1250                                    
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