2014-06-28 15:45 GMT+02:00, Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr>:
> About size - you should probably get it down a few KiB by compiling into
> a COM binary. From what I saw, you don't use any memory segments, just
> (plenty of) INT calls, so a COM would fit perfectly. Just add -mt -lt to
> your tcc call. And since you don't use any floats, you might also try to
> pass -f-.
> +of course try UPXing it - you'r likely to shave off a few KiBs again.

Thanks, I'll try the above - well, but I'm rather disappointed about
the TC's output generated by default. TP5 made "better" EXE binary
than TC? Actually I was expecting the opposite.

> If that's not enough, then you still have the option to rewrite it into
> ASM this time ;)

Surely it would generate the executable of smallest possible size. But
now I'm going to Forth-ify EMODE first...

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