2014-06-29 1:13 GMT+02:00, Rugxulo <rugx...@gmail.com>:

> Turbo Pascal has a smartlinker while Turbo C does not.

Actually, I wasn't aware that Pascal compilers are that smart - for
example: while searching for some more info, just discovered a Pascal
compiler for... 8051, which is very memory-constrained:

Found some more info at http://turbopascal.org/

It was always a bit strange to me, that I had - well, I still have ;)
- a few quite useful Pascal compilers for such little machine, like
Commodore 64, and just one C compiler (Power C), which is cumbersome
and hard to work with. C compiler - for the language being "closer to
machine" than Pascal or BASIC - theoretically should be less
resource-hungry (just like Forth compilers).

> Check the main program .OBJ with some kind of dump utility  (similar
> to *nix "size"), or just compare its pure .ASM output, or read the
> linker map. That (main .OBJ, code + data) size compared to the final
> .EXE should give you an idea of which party is to blame.  :-)

Indeed I noticed even earlier, that OBJ is of "decent size" (just a
little more than 4 KB), and it must be a linker, which "glues" some
additional library to final EXE. Most probably because I had to
include dos.h (int86 function in use).

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