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> I need to make a bootable DOS disk and don't see how. I have a
> computer that needs a BIOS update. Instructions are to make a bootable
> DOZ diskette, boot from that, run the manufactorer's update program
> and the BIOS update will be copied into the ROM. But! the smallest
> boot diskette I can make doesn't have enough room for the update
> program and the BIOS image.

You don't need everything on one floppy. Put the BIOS image on a separate 
floppy. After booting, switch floppies, then flash.

You don't have to use a floppy. All you really need is any boot disk that 
doesn't load drivers or other fluff into RAM during boot. If you have an 
extra HD, create a small DOS partition on it, do format C: /S, put the flash 
program and bios image on it, boot from it without any AUTOEXEC.BAT or 
CONFIG.SYS, then flash.
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