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> Changing diskettes to the one with the flash program and bios image
> fails for some reason when changing diskettes.

> Ideas?

1-configure a boot floppy with USB support
2-put the flash program and new BIOS file on a USB stick
3-try flashing immediately after boot by prepending drive letter to flash 

That may not work if the flash program isn't smart enough to find the BIOS 
binary on the non-current drive, in which case:

4-add command.com to the USB stick
5-boot the floppy
6-change to the drive letter allocated to the USB stick

Another alternative: old floppy drives and dual drive cables are in virtually 
every small shop that fixes puters. Put a second one on the cable to put the 
#2 floppy in. That's how PCs were used before HDs for PCs existed. Also, old 
shops tend to have old small HDs nobody wants they will sell dirt cheap or 
give away. With a PATA to SATA converter one of those with a small FAT 
primary partition containing only boot and flash files could be used even for 
a brand new puter. Similar goes for ZIP drives, where you could put the flash 
files instead of on a second floppy.
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