On Sun, 23 Nov 2014 00:55:42 -0500, TJ Edmister <damag...@hyakushiki.net>  

> There is an argument that can be passed in the Open Com statement to
> specify a buffer size. Is it supported in DOS? Maybe I will have to whip
> out FB DOS compiler and experiment. BTW, I'm not sure why you are adding
> For Random, or what that would even mean in this context.

OK did some experimenting...

Compiled and ran the program on my NEC Versa V/50 (compiling is a bit slow  
on a 486, hmmm...) and sent text files over the serial port from my other  
laptop. First I tried 19200bps, no problem. Then I tried 115200bps and  
there was some byte droppage. Then I specified a receive buffer:

open com "COM1:115200,n,8,1,cs0,cd0,ds0,rs,rb16384" as #ff1

this yielded no bytes missing at first, later in the file after the screen  
had been scrolling there was some droppage (presumably the buffer was  

FreeBASIC's text output (PRINT statement) is fairly slow it seems.

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