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On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 11:44 PM, Thomas Mueller <mueller6...@twc.com> wrote:
> from Rugxulo:
> Even the lighter-weight graphic web browsers for Linux/Unix support 
> Javascript and HTTPS,
> Mozilla Firefox and Seamonkey, and maybe some others, also support HTML5,

"Light-weight"? First of all, Linux (and similarly Windows and Mac)
don't target older machines. To them, an old machine is i686 with 256
MB of RAM, and even that is "too old" for most distros. The bare
minimum (for now) seems to be a Pentium 4, and that won't be supported
forever. I assume most developers want to go "AMD64 only", if they can
get away with it.

> but Flash is a big problem.

Flash is almost dead (AFAIK). I don't think it's even officially
supported at all except for P4s (SSE2) on Chrome's Pepper API
(although IE has most of it built-in as well, I think?). Firefox has
to use an older version. They might have even said they'll abandon it
entirely in a few years. The biggest problem is that it sucks up
battery life and is proprietary and buggy. Distros like GNU's Trisquel
(free/libre Ubuntu LTS variant) have Gnash which partially works
(YouTube is the obvious test case), but I don't know how reliable it
is overall (can't test everything!).

> Mozilla Firefox and Seamonkey run on BSD as well as Linux.  FreeBSD ports 
> also includes
> Netsurf, Qupzilla, Midori and Epiphany; KDE includes Konqueror; Javascript 
> and HTTPS are supported.

I like FreeBSD, but "nobody" uses it (compared to Linux). Opera (now
using Blink) doesn't support it anymore, AFAIK.

Firefox and Chrome allegedly won't run without SSE2. But Seamonkey
claims to still run on a "Pentium 233", but I haven't tried that

The point I'm trying to make is that it's pointless to pretend that
all web browsers (and OSes and cpus) are created equal. Most aren't
supported well, if at all. Even the developers who know how just don't
care enough.

If you aren't using IE, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, then you're
probably out of luck with anything more than the bare basics.

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