On 12/16/2014 4:01 PM, dmccunney wrote:
>> Even if all Intel based PCs are equipped with 64bit capable CPUs, they
>> will just as happy run 32bit or even 16bit code just fine.
> Assuming OS support is there.  The instruction set is the same.
> Various system calls may not be.  If you want to run DOS apps on a 64
> bit Windows machine, you need a VM or emulator.  They won't run
> "native".
Considering that this is a FreeDOS mailing list, you can run FreeDOS 
natively on any such machine. The only immediate hurdle on machines less 
than a year or so old is if they have a UEFI ony BIOS, but even then, 
you can work around that.
>> And there are as mentioned above now with the Intel Quark X1000
>> processor again 32bit, single core/thread CPUs coming out for which a
>> 16bit FreeDOS can be a very viable option for an OS to run on...
>> DOS is not dead but people need to treat DOS as DOS, not as a second
>> coming of Linux...
> The fundamental issue for DOS is exactly what you *do* with it, and
> *why* you might use DOS in preference to something else like Linux.
> The fact that something  *can* run DOS doesn't necessarily mean it
> *should*.
Works the other way around as well. Just because you can get basic web 
browsing features or other uses of the Internet on (Free)DOS, doesn't 
mean you should either...


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