I have been reading about various details about freedos and in the course of this work I noticed that there are at least two different sites which contain freedos help.  The official one is version number 1.06 and another one (appearing to be unofficial) is version 1.0.7a  (note the placement of the second period).

I would have thought the "official" site to contain the latest and greatest, but the "unofficial" site contains comments on program obsolescence (i.e. udvd.sys) that the "official" site does not.

Here are links to the two sites

"official"  http://help.fdos.org/en/index.htm

"unofficial" http://home.mnet-online.de/willybilly/fdhelp-internet/en/index.htm

I understand mirroring, but this isn't that.

I am wondering:  Why are there two different sites purporting to contain the same material, but are different?  Which site is the best site to rely on for help?



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