You might have sorted out your issue already, but if not, then if I were 
you I'd use a disk editor (I remember having used Norton's DiskEdit in 
the distant past for similar needs), and change the name of one of the 
files with it.

Note: Two files with the same name are totally possible. In fact, it 
happens much often than you think: every time you delete two files that 
differ only by the first name, your filesystem ends up with two 
'identical' filenames (since deletion is replacing the first character 
of a filename by a special glyph).


On 09/02/2015 22:45, John R. Sowden wrote:
> I somehow got 2 files in the same directory with the same name. This
> happened in a foxpro/dos program that I have been using for more than a
> decade.  How do I rename one of the files so I can treat them
> separately.  The are not identical.  One is a few days newe thatn the
> other, as this database us updated daily.  I am using freedos as the OS
> and 4dos as the command processor.
> tia,
> John

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