In the thread "Drivers or tips for 3 ISA sound cards?" I just reported 
solving a problem with a driver installer that froze when it arrived at 
the step where it analyzes the hardware configuration.  It turned out 
that it was choking on the fact that D: and E: partitions existed but 
were not yet formatted.  The installer worked fine once I formatted the 

I then wondered if that same circumstance played into another quirk I 
had observed.  I had been unable to make this work on this machine:
 > format a: /u

That always produced an error.  My notes are a bit scattered, and I'm 
not 100% sure that this is the error connected to that command, but I 
think it was:

Critical error during DOS disk access
DOS driver error (hex): 01
     Description: unknown unit for driver
Program terminated
[Error 129]

But after formatting the two partitions, "format a: /u" seems to work fine.

This was not a fully controlled test, and I'd like to have the 
opportunity/time to test it more definitively, but I'm reporting this to 
see if anyone else can confirm or deny the behavior.  This is a default 
FreeDOS 1.1 installation on a Pentium 150, 64MB configuration.

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