hi everybody
don t know if i m on right mailing list but i ll explain my trouble.

i try to flash my bios on my Medion PC motherboard MS 7358
i retrieve the data on medion web site.
so i made a freedos ISO with my flash bios data.
i install :

first i try to run on cd with prompt i launch my awardflash bios message :
not enough memory
so i install FREEDOS
after 10 attempts i did it (needed to copy command.com by myself from
FDOS/packages to FDOS/BIN he never manages to install it).
btw in the 10 attempts i kill my seven partition (don t know how but
so i copy the data from CDrom on my local drive
and launch my award flash bios.
it says to me file size do not match.

so my question is : ISO file extracted are not same size as Data extracted ?
for the answer : i ll try tonight or in the week to burn a cd with only my
ddata in data mode and copy on my FREEDOS partition.

if someone has the answer before i attempts something tha tkill my pc =)

Leborgne Christian
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