> Which VirtualBox?

VBox 5.0.12, 64-bit, host is 64 bit Windows 8.1

> Which boot option?

Default, #1.  I have since modified fdconfig.sys to auto boot into option 4.  
Keyboard works, disk mounting works, everything works without those fancy 
drivers loaded.  I believe it’s probably a conflict with virtualbox and not 
something easily resolved.

> Are you using a wireless USB keyboard?

Nope.  I am on a laptop, if that matters.

> What language/keyboard…

I chose English/US the first time. It only froze on the first attempt.

I ended up reinstalling FreeDOS with only the base and kernel packages, and the 
boot problem persisted.  See my comment about amending fdconfig.sys above.

> You mean from this particular iso?


> What happened to classic F5?

When you boot from the CD iso, you get a bootloader menu.  F5 does nothing 
there.  F5 does what it’s supposed to when booting from the harddisk.

Anyway, I don’t need the extra drivers.  I have successfully installed a few 
packages (nasm, watcom, etc.) and have progressed to working on a text mode 
interface for a specific application (which is why I even tried to use FreeDOS).

Thanks for all the help!

73 Matt Rienzo W9ERA
B.S.E.E | B.S. Music

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On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 5:15 PM,  <caswellrie...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello! Basically, my issue is summarized in the title.

"FreeDOS in VirtualBox: Bad or missing command interpreter and
keyboard doesn't work"

> I have installed a FreeDOS 1.1 install as a VirtualBox guest,

Which VirtualBox? 5.x (64-bit)? Atop what host OS? Windows 10 (64-bit)?

> but when I boot

Which boot option? Default? #1?

> I get the error “Bad or missing command interpreter” and then a prompt
> to enter the path to COMMAND.COM.  However, when this prompt is issued, the
> system stops accepting keyboard input.

Are you using a wireless USB keyboard?

> The keyboard works before this prompt.

Have you tried QEMU instead? Does it still (not) work there?


> Possibly related, but I had to try to install from the CD image twice,

You mean from this particular .iso?


> because the first time the installer froze after I selected my
> language/keyboard layout.

What language and keyboard are you trying to use? What happens when
you just use English / US instead? Does it still fail?

P.S. Anyways, there are some pre-installed VBox images available to
download, if you'd rather not "install" manually at all:


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