On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 5:15 AM, lee jones <slothp...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Firstly ages ago there was an emulator called tosbox which is an atari
> ST emulator.

I was never familiar with Atari computers, so my dabbling in emulators
was very limited.

> It runs in dos but has two intresting features - firstly
> from what I remember it can access dos files directly (so they show
> up) but it also ran quickly on old hardware -- even an old pentium 75
> could run it quickly.

Supposedly Gemulator could run full speed on a 486 in 1992! Darek
Mihocka released the sources for GEMCE900.ZIP a few years ago, and
while I'm not 100% sure, I think? it still has the DOS bits (Classic
version). This might also have his (DOS-hosted) PC Xformer (Atari
8-bit emulator) sources. (An old message of mine on BTTR says it needs
MASM and MS VC v6, not that I have those or ever tried rebuilding.)


> Though it does need an atari st rom file

Again, I'm not that familiar with all the Atari machines, but I think
there are various free (even libre) replacements out there. Perhaps
Aranym has links to the proper ones (AFROS?):


> Development has long since stopped but I found a copy of the emulator
> here --

Yeah, Zophar's Domain had a lot of good stuff in years past (although
emulation has gotten more mainstream since then).

> Last one while I think of it and I guess it really isn't quite the
> right thing but there used to be an emulator (which again ran fairly
> quickly) called "executor" which could run old 68k mac apps. Though
> strangely it did not require the mac system disks, and neither did it
> need a mac rom image -!

Right, it was DJGPP-built and just emulated some partial bits of Mac
OS, not requiring the (unavailable, proprietary) ROM at all. IIRC, I
only used it a few times (years and years ago), and the demo was
limited to like ten minutes. All I weakly remember is some solitaire
card game.

> apparently executor development (according to wikipedia) ended in
> 2005, and in 2008 became open source. Still have a few linux sources
> as well;

I vaguely remember seeing this on Github or wherever. Here's a result
from a quick search (EDIT: Wikipedia links to Github and more):


> (I did once try to compile these but with no luck).

The DOS version is probably not preferred anymore, in lieu of newer
OSes. Besides, the Github page implies that some crucial (DOS) libs
needed aren't open source. I don't think there's much motivation to
(re)port to DOS.

> Thats all I can think of!

Thanks for the tips.

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