On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 5:15 AM, lee jones <slothp...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On the subject of freedos and dos-bases gui's in general did a bit of
> thinking here. Managed to come up with 3 ideas though I am not sure
> how useful they might be as I guess they aren't really "dos shells" to
> be precise. But anway;
> Firstly ages ago there was an emulator called tosbox which is an atari
> ST emulator. It runs in dos but has two intresting features - firstly
> from what I remember it can access dos files directly (so they show
> up) but it also ran quickly on old hardware -- even an old pentium 75
> could run it quickly. Though it does need an atari st rom file.
> Development has long since stopped but I found a copy of the emulator
> here --

I didn't know about TOSBOX, it's an interesting idea. The original poster
asked about OpenGEM, but wasn't able to run it. GEM is the GUI for the
original TOS, so maybe this will be interesting to him.

For other GUIs, also try oZone or Qube or Seal. However, I don't know that
any of these are still under active development.

I remember graphical program managers with some fondness. The MS-DOS 5 DOS
Shell was actually quite nice and had some neat features (task swapping). I
don't know of any free software programs that do quite the same thing, but
I did like DESKTOP2. It was a graphical file manager and program manager.
Might be suitable for the original poster.

Last one while I think of it and I guess it really isn't quite the
> right thing but there used to be an emulator (which again ran fairly
> quickly) called "executor" which could run old 68k mac apps. Though
> strangely it did not require the mac system disks, and neither did it
> need a mac rom image -!
> Unfortunatly executor has long since dropped off the internet as has
> the company ardi which created it (and I think the company is possibly
> defunct nowadays, not sure). Though I managed to dig up a dos version
> of executor and uploaded it here:
> <https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/freedos-user>

I'd completely forgotten about Executor. As you say, it was an older Mac
emulator, providing a virtual m68k CPU. The Executor package included its
own MacOS 6 virtual floppy (project's own development) so that was why it
didn't need separate Mac system image. It's described on Wikipedia:

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