Hi Don, to make a PESSIMISTIC GUESS about the following:

> Downloaded and burned to CD.
> Lots of "Error writing to drive A: DOS area write protection violation
> attempted" errors. Is there reason I am getting this?

Yes. Apparently version 1.2pre12 still tries to use pipelines, which
in DOS always means using temp files, without setting the temp dir
to a location on ramdisk or (if available) on your target harddisk?

This also means that all data sent through pipelines will be lost.

OPTIMISTICALLY, you MIGHT "simply" be suffering from a bug in how
the DOSLFN driver interacts with the install process. It seems to
cause A: access instead of access to the proper selected drive in
certain situations, but you and Rugxulo know more about this than
I, at this point ;-) You could try to skip loading that driver :-)

I am sure that Jerome & Rugxulo can give better, informed answers.

"Guessful" regards, Eric

PS: I suspected that LFN issue to be findfirst/findnext/findclose
related, but it could also be something totally different, such as
a bug in LFN support of command.com itself or in using LH w/o UMB.

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