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On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 6:09 AM, Péter Szőke <petrosbl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I will try answer to everyone.
> So, I have this model:  Asus k501lx-dm045d

A quick search finds this:


They are very reminiscent of Apple with that page. I don't see any
mentions of FreeDOS or even Linux (which is presumably who the minimal
setup is actually intended for).

"ASUS recommends Windows." (They seemingly only offer it with Win 10,
Home or Pro.)

> Its BIOS has Legacy USB support and it is Enabled.

Are you sure it's a proper BIOS and not UEFI? (The webpage does say
"BIOS Booting User Password Protection" under Security.)

> "Why install to HDD? Why not just use a bootable USB as if it were your HDD?"
> My service asked me. If I want a repair,
> I have to bring back to them the notebook in its original state.

I'm no tech guru, but I doubt they expect you to reinstall FreeDOS (of
all things)! Presumably they just want all the physical parts, papers,
etc. Whoever put FreeDOS on there in the first place certainly knows
how to do it again.

> When bought this notebook it had freedos operating system.

I believe you, but I don't see that option presented online.

> I could make a bootable pendrive by Rufus, but I could not install the 
> freedos from it.

Did it say it wouldn't write correctly? Was there an error message? Or
it just didn't boot properly? Or are you saying that you expected
RUFUS (AFAIK, only meant for USB) to directly install to HDD for you??

> I sent my notebook with a formatted HDD.
> I hope they will not complaining.

I doubt it, they aren't putting FreeDOS intending it for much use.
(BTW, this implies that you tried installing something else later?
What mainstream OS did you try to use instead? Ubuntu? Why else avoid
pre-installed Windows? Maybe you already had a valid license?)

> Any way,I really appreciate your help.
> Thank you very much!
> However,I am still courius how should I install to HDD. smiley

First, make sure your laptop is not in the mail being returned to OEM!   :-P

FD 1.2 is (almost?) in beta with FDI (installer), so that will
eventually be the preferred way to get the "full" FreeDOS.

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