Hello All,

This is mostly a status update regarding the FreeDOS 1.2 BETA release.

There have been no installer related issues reported with the current FDI 
Preview 14 and it
is technically ready for the BETA release. However, I intend on implementing a 
couple things
prior to that release. They will include:

        A couple more features added to FDIMPLES for stand-alone mode usage.

        An additional feature for detecting DOSBox in the V8Power Tools vinfo 

        Due to either an issue that is probably in DOSBox or FreeCOM, I/O 
        does not work to specification under DOSBox. This only effects the vstr 
part of 
        the V8 Power Tools utilities. I intend on implementing a workaround in 
vstr to 
        make FDI more DOSBox friendly.

        Add a few lines in FDI to skip things like SYS transfer in DOSBox.

        Maybe some more fine tuning of the BASE and ALL package lists.

I’ve been extremely busy over the last couple of weeks and have not had very 
free time to complete these items. I don’t see my schedule lightening up for 
quite a
while. But, I hope to squeeze a few minutes here and there to knock these items
out and have the BETA release ready soon--ish.

Thanks, Jerome
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