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> All are very easy to do.  FDI is completely themed.
> [..]


There are some minor issues with the installed config.sys file.
> 1) Default Option 1 is not compatible with VirtualBox. Reorder, Remove or
> Ignore issue?

My suggestion is to leave it as-is, and add a note in the release notes for
folks who use VirtualBox. I think "not compatible with VirtualBox" means it
doesn't break/damage anything, it just doesn't work (well). If so, that
suggests it's okay to leave in.

> 2) 4DOS is always shown as a boot option. At present, 4DOS is not
> installed with BASE. It is only installed with ALL. Always Remove, Remove
> if not installed, Always install, Ignore issue?

I saw that, and also noted that it only worked if you installed all
packages. But a quick reboot lets someone pick something else.

Option 1 is to leave it in, and add a note on the option like "(only if you
installed everything)". But that might be awkward.

Option 2 would be to remove the option, and assume only power users will
experiment with 4DOS. These users can edit their own CONFIG.SYS to specify

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