> On Apr 22, 2016, at 6:02 AM, Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> I tested FDI, and - in general - it looks really awesome. I list below 
> all my remarks.
> *** 1st Screen ***
> "Please select you language." - this should be "youR language"

This has already been changed to different wording in (not yet released) 
Preview 16

> the language names that change when I pass on them are quite... 
> confusing. maybe it's just me, but I'd really prefer to have each 
> language written statically (in its own language ideally), ie. 
> "English", "Espanol", "Francais", "Deutsche", etc...
> *** 2nd screen ***
> "Welcome to the installation program for FreeDOS 1.2-pre15."
> I think it would sound better as:
> "Welcome to the FreeDOS 1.2-pre15 installation program"

I had the same thought. Discussed with Jim and changed the wording in Preview 

> Then: "If you choose to install this (...)" sounds a little diminishing 
> to FreeDOS. Something like "If you choose to install it (...)" might 
> sound better

It is the disclaimer Jim wanted. He may be fine with changing it.

> In multiple choices, each choice is ended with a dot ("No - Return to 
> DOS.") - it looks weird, doesn't it?

Jim didn't like that either. Already changed for 16.

> *** 3rd screen ***
> "Yes - Partitioner drive C:." should read "Yes - Partition the C: drive"

This actually was fixed in P15. In P14 I added some automatic partitioning in 
normal mode and changed the wording. I forgot to pull the (er). I don't usually 
replace on all the files on the build floppy image with the github sources on 
my HD. I had forgot to update the language files in 15. Oops.

> Then the computer reboots, and I land back on the "Please select your 
> language". It's quite confusing. "intuitively", the naive user in me was 
> expecting the installation to continue from the point it stopped (ie. 
> after partitionning).

Did it not prompt for a reboot after selections partition?

Anyway, I should probably put a screen in there that says it is doing it after 
the question and before the reboot prompt.

> I understand why this happens, but other users might not. A short 
> explanation screen after or before the partitioning process would be 
> nice, for example: "Once your drive is partioned, the computer will be 
> rebooted and the installation process should start again from the 
> beginning."
> *** freezing ***
> After my C: drive being partitioned, the installer restarted and 
> formatted the drive. Then, it displayed a message "Gathering some 
> information to prepare for the installation."
> note 1: the message should end with 3 dots "installation...", since it's 
> something "in progress"


> note 2: my installation stopped there, since this screen never went 
> away. tested on VirtualBox with 8M of RAM and a 256M virtual drive. I 
> used all_cd.iso for the installation ("FreeDOS 1.2-pre15"), with the FDI 
> bootdisk downloaded from your website.

Humm, does it exhibit the same behavior when just booted from the floppy image? 
It has to be one of three issues. I will try to do some more testing in that 

> *** general note ***
> I like the "patterned" background screen very much (I think there was 
> some debate about that on the list recently).

Me too. But, Jim wants plain blue. So, 16 uses that. Easy to change in theme 
file though.

> cheers,
> Mateusz

Thanks Jerome

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