> On May 7, 2016, at 8:43 PM, Corbin Davenport <m...@corbin.cc> wrote:
> Thanks for the explanation, that was very interesting! However, I will say 
> that I haven't had any issues with El Torito under VirtualBox. I am currently 
> developing a FreeDOS distribution called Cobalt 
> <https://github.com/corbindavenport/cobalt>, and the installer CD uses El 
> Torito. Granted, I'm using FreeDOS 1.1 with my own custom installer, so I 
> can't say if it's an issue with either FreeDOS 1.2 or FDI.

Like I said. The only thing I know for a fact regarding the issue is that it is 
not FDI or V8Power Tools.

Take the existing Floppy Image that FDI uses to boot. 

        Lets assume partitioned and blank formatted drive C:

        Modify the auto exec to jumping past FDI’s startup after the drivers 
finish loading.
        Thereby avoiding any calls to any part of FDI and any usage of V8Power 

        Run FreeDOS Edit (from prompt):

        A:                                                      (fine)
        A:\FDSETUP\BIN\EDIT.EXE         (fine)
        C:                                                      (fine)
        A:\FDSETUP\BIN\EDIT.EXE           (fine)
        D:                                                      (fine)
        A:\FDSETUP\BIN\EDIT.EXE           (system lockup)

        What is odd though the system does not lockup when using the DIR 

        for example:

        cd util
        type d:\pkginfo\command.txt
        (no problems)

        This is not a program problem. This also cause lockup:
        grep -i dos d:\pkginfo\command.com

        So, as far as I can determine it is either a VirtualBox, FreeCOM, 
Kernel or the CDROM driver. However,
        the issue occurs only from programs and not the built in shell 
commands. Also, it only occurs in VirtualBox
        when booting the El Torito CD. It does not occur in VMware when booting 
the CD-ROM. It also does not 
        occur under VirtualBox using any other boot method. This includes not 
happening when the same floppy
        image is used to boot as a floppy.



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