Hi all,
I have a rather Unusual question about directory trees in dos.
I have a zip compressed file that contains rather a large number of .txt 
the files  are of stories, and series, with the person who put the 
materials together using  some major breakdown, for example an item might 
look like this.
Now when I ran pkunzip on the archive, the directory tree was created 
By which I mean  there is a directory for abandoned, then a sub-directory 
for series, then the stories underneath.
However in allot of cases the actual directory holding the .txt file is 
for the record, I am using word perfect to read the files.
My question is this.
is there a limit to the number of branches so to speak, one can have in a 
dos directory tree?
Frankly I have never seen this problem before.  I do have lfn loaded, so do 
not think it is the names of the files, especially since some of the 
content is present, and I got no error when I was unzipping the archive.

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