On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 3:55 PM, Abe Mishler <a...@mishlerlabs.com> wrote:
> Strange, right? And not just on one computer, but three separate ones; each
> running different hardware and software (host OS). Although I would expect
> that the underlying differences are abstracted away by VirtualBox.

It's not really that strange. EMS is rarely used nowadays, and DOS (in
all its billions of setups) isn't highly tested by emulators. Their
focus is on other, more popular, guests.

It's impossible (or maybe unprofitable) to test every emulator under
the sun (dozens!), plus having to work around all the bugs and missing
features. Some OSes present bigger problems than others (OS/2,
OpenBSD), even requiring VT-X compatible hardware.

I would recommend you (also) test under QEMU if you're that worried or
want (potentially) better stability. At least Windows (32-bit or
64-bit) binaries are easily available below (not to mention that QEMU
runs on various other host OSes too, e.g. Linux):


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