> I keep getting the errorĀ dma crosses 64k boundary when using tools
> like rawrite3 or hard drive manufacturers tools floppy creation
> software. I need to boot from Windows 98 bootdisk to get rid of it.

> Please let me know if there is a way to get rid of this problem under FreeDOS.

MSDOS redirects int 13 to an internal driver, detects DMA access crossing a 64k 
and avoids it.

FreeDOS ddoes not do this; sorry.

there was no need to do this so far; IMO rawrite3 could/should handle
this by itself. of course, software is usually only tested against
MSDOS, so there is little motivation to do so for rawrite3

I'm still surprised this comes up today, and not 15 years ago.
do you have remarkable hardware?


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