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> The only solution for /modern DOS/ would be to write an emulation for a 
> well supported sound card for older programs and games. That would be, 
> say, a SB16 emulation driver for AC97 and HD-Audio on-board sound cards. 
> So every DOS program/game would see the well supported SB16 and -- if 
> supported by this very program or game -- would be able to use it 
> through the emulation. I think this is how DOSBox does support sound.

Yes and no... Dosbox and Dosemu use protected mode to simulate
PC specific hardware, but they are not drivers. They are whole
virtual simulation environments. On the other hand, "SB PCI"
and "SB Live" did indeed use protected mode "drivers" where at
least some of the differences between actual hardware (mostly
AC97 PCI chips) and what games expected (usually SoundBlaster
in ISA variants) were compensated by simulation: The protected
mode "driver" intercepted attempts of the games to manipulate
the ISA hardware, made the games see what they had to see and
sent the sound data to the actual PCI hardware. There are very
few open source drivers in that style: I am only aware of the
"VSB" Virtual Sound Blaster package which is limited to very
minimal SoundBlaster variants (1.0? 2.0? 8 bit?) and does not
support DOS extenders as far as I remember. So only real mode
games which accept vm86 mode limitations did work, I think...

I have mirrored an old version at www.auersoft.eu/soft/by-others/

Regards, Eric

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